Still here. Still emotionally erect like Steve Martin in a museum. Still Raw like a clinic.


Yeah, so WTF people!?! GoldSweat has the Room Ultra Lounge on lockdown. MIST wants our nuts in the VIP. I'm thinking we'll get a guest list only for those that sign up. Heard Diddy wants to have a party with naked models showing off yoga poses.

Praveen & Benoit - Embers (Machinedrum Version)
This is for FoFo. Dudes trying to get a web-folio going cause his file sharing job didn't pan out. Now he has to skate to play 7 years and under video games while NOT stoned. Woah! That studio-teaching spot looks like a meal now, huh?

Weekend Links

Santa Barbara is gonna burn.
Also, this was the result of the last time The Brotherhood dropped bombs.
45 Min Mix: Meadow Park Decompression
Prime Mover
LaCosse (middlenamesf)
Ryan Michael (goldsweat/middlenamesf)

Curly got a vid of Loco fending off some Jesse Rose shit.

On the way...
I always thought, despite the myface, this place always had the best potential to be. They had this giant 72" x 60" picture of this old bitch and a bottle of Jack behind the DJ. SLO Brew should let people DJ upstairs and stop being a polly dolly.

GoldSweat: 60th 6th 6treet.

"frisco disco can suck my dick!"