GoldSweaters / Sticky Quicky Mixes

Yo! The GoldSweat homeboys have been busy makin' diamonds out of coal stuffed in our casual encouters' asses. But seriously, Costco ran out of industrial K&Y bottles so we're back to using butter and jelly.

Belly Up put this mix together in between some "lunch-break sessions". Find him pullin thongs to the side cause he ain't got time to undress. Its a sure fire quickie to get'em allllllll sticky icky.
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Loco's back with another mix for that ass! Seriously, all ass. Like, put it in your ass, ass. "Looks like two pigs fightin' in a pillowcase" ass. If you can name that quote, I'll send you the tracklisting. Otherwise, all you hypebeasts are gonna have to sweat it out! But seriously, hit us up for tracklisting if you really need to know. Click to download.


Paper Chase / Gold-Sleepin

Damn. We hella suck. For some reason, Winter in SF is filled with heatwave weekends and people deciding that they need to take a break from going out. Except us. Thats why we've been gone so long. Or maybe thats why we're the only one's still going out during the week. Here at the GoldSweat camp, we like to think of winters as a time where networking keeps the cold out. We recently hooked up with Eric Sharp and the Rock It Science crew to produce SF first (official*) Bmore monthly night. We're talking mad shit because Bmore DJs/Artists usually just come to the city for a night and then the city moves on to the Electro-sleeze (No offense to Sleazemore, he's tight!) but Paper Chase is gonna be the insurgence of all things Baltimore Club. This month we're featuring Tittsworth, who really needs no introduction as he's been on the forefront of the club genre since its first immersion in the contemporary club scene.

For those sleepin', Tittsworth is this:

Its the future. Probably one of the most raw & rugged of all genre's in the history of dance music. And the future is that it comes from the gutters of the streets except its corny and catchy like Carlton.

Think "The Wire" energy and world-town horn stabs. See previous posts of Bmore dance. Loco's New Year's resolution #27: Be a west coast bmore club dance king. True. Other Bmore history stabs: Scottie B is the godfather and Unruly is the reason. R.I.P. K-Swift.

Thanks Mawkus for the youtube visions:

This is gettin' radio play in LA. Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuned!

Anyways, back to bizness. Here's the night. We'll be at the warehouse Face Down Ass Up Party w/Dave Nada, Emynd & Bo Bliz on 1/31/09. So wicked!!!

Paper Chase party w/Tittsworth, Eric Sharp, DJ Swayzee, White Girl Lust: 2/20/09