Let Bruce Bruce hit it

this is how GoldSweat feels after too much scenester.

Paper Chase w/Tittsworth! Friday Feb 20!

Friday, February 20 2009

Rock It Science, Massive Selector, and Goldsweat Present:

Rock It Science, Massive Selector, and Gold Sweat join forces to create a super-party that is greater than the sum of its parts. We're bringing out international party-rocker Tittsworth, global ambassador of Bmore Club, all the way from Washington DC fresh off his Asia tour. At a recession-proof 5-10 bucks at the door you have no excuse to miss the jump off of this new shindig!

Music Selectors:

Tittsworth (T & A Records, Washington DC)

Tittsworth has continuously dominated decks at a plate-a-minute's pace. His diverse, high energy sets seamlessly blend Baltimore Club, rave, house, and more, grossly exceeding expectations from Beijing to Brazil. Hold on to your asses people, 'cause they're gonna be shaking uncontrollably!

Eric Sharp (Rock It Science, Flavor Group)

Eric Sharp has been abusing San Francisco dance floors at an alarming rate, dropping fresh exclusive original tracks alongside dance floor bombs that everyone will be blogging about in 3 months. Get there early as Eric will surely bring his A Game to warm it up for Titts.

Swayzee (L.O.W. , Meltdown)

Swayzee has a reputation for leaving hands in the air and panties on the floor with his intelligent mix of everything from the old school to the new, blending hip hop inspired grooves that will have you sweating it out and singing along.

White Girl Lust (Solid Bump, L.O.W. )

Once upon a time White Girl Lust got on the turntables at his high school prom and we haven't been able to tear him off since. His smooth next generation funk and disco inspired cuts will be the perfect antidote if you're out of breath from Tittsworth's onslaught.

Parker Day, celebutante photographer extraordinaire, will be on hand to document the evening in case you forget what happened.

Advance tickets for 5 bucks at http://www. going. com/paperchasetitts
See you there!