Las Vagina

I've been in Vegas for the past 36 hours. Here are the highlights of my experience here:

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
STILL LOVE THIS SONG! I actually saw an eclipse on the street drive in front of Treasure Island blasting this through their sunroof. Welcome summer!

I'm not even gonna say fuck Miami cause that's where I'd rather be.

Saw this music video as I was taking care of my 3rd Manhattan. <-- Best way to get tanked like G.I. Joes.
Faithless feat. Estelle - Why Go?


Yo! We killed it on Friday night at Temple... literally. Shouts to Jimmy B, Eric Sharp, DJ Fame, and Parker Day for a fun time in the GoldSweat Camp.

Check out the rest of the pics here!

GoldSweat + DJ Fame This Friday @ Temple!!!

RSVP to for free admission before midnight!

Friday, March 13th

Rock It Science, Remedy, and Temple present:

DJ FAME (NYC - Dubsided, Potty Mouth Music)

DJ Fame is an instrumental artist redefining house music for the 21st century, with releases on Switch & Jesse Rose's Dubsided imprint, Chicago's Potty Mouth Music and many more. His energetic performances showcase serious technical ability combined with intense cuts, crazy loops, and other turntablist tricks to bring a new style and sound to the dance floor. This illuminating stage presence and a rightfully-earned air of confidence sets him apart from so many peers and makes him truly one of the hottest young talents on the dance scene. Don't miss his debut performance at Temple!


DJ Fame (Dubsided, Potty Mouth)
Eric Sharp (Rock It Science)
Goldsweat DJs (Loco vs Belly Up)

Destiny Lounge:

DJ Fortune (Milwaukee - For U Events)
Homero Espinosa (Yerba Buena Discos)


Tone (Temple)
Von (djvon. com)

Free before midnight with RSVP to

Temple Nightclub
540 Howard Street @ 2nd, San Francisco