Loco Silver Anniversary

Thanks to Lo Lo for the birthday LED.

Weekend Special

Basically all of California showed up at Matador for the Freedom fight. Snoop Dogg ain't shit on this bitch. A few pimps showed up to pre-party and we got the pinkie-ring pound after some "White Lines" shit. All in all it was better than anything we'd hoped for. LA showed up as we were about to pull the plug with 1 working turntable and too many records. I guess it paid off to do all those lazy wedding gigs in internal mode.

Thats Greg posted up outside Mezzanine in front of Snoops Bently. I dunno if they ever got to see S-n-double-pizzle, but the traffic backed up onto to Market looked like a Dubs convention. But on the real, I'm all talk. Wish I didn't miss this...

Don't sleep on GoldSweat...

There be MAD parties tomorrow night, so we decided to fuck shit up and have a "commuter" party. Also, recessions suck nuts and busters fuck sluts; this party is FREE all night!

The Matador
6th @ Market, SF CA
Friday (tomorrow!) 4/3/09!
21+ $0! 9p-2a


Cant Give You Up (Captain Crunk Remix) - Cryptonites