Gold Standard

The month of July has been absolutely wild.

If you haven't already, peep the website... its coming along nicely! We've posted a few new mixes, added a few more graphics, and completely utilize the contact page. If you send us a message, we'll read it and probably respond accordingly. As it is the last day of the month, August finds GoldSweat in full stride with round 2 at Triple Crown with one of our most favorite locals, DJ Enki. Oakland Faders representing from the bay and our first cousin in LA, BULiMiATRON, starts his Synth City tour with us. Boogie down breaks combined with monster scene bass lends itself well to that Sticky K, eh? Master Resident plus GoldSweat illustrator, Belly Up, rounds out August 8th into some sort of gross ball of resin dank. As if that wasn't offensive enough, Yahtzee Party will be bringing the Happy Meals and all the Big Sounds for everyone to enjoy (wait till we post their live mix from July 11th... joy!). Oh yeah, sup 'wich you Colonal MC!




DJ Enki (Oakland Faders)

YO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GoldSweat is 'bout to bust out our blue swede's and cazals for next months Triple Crown throw down! DJ Enki is the newest member for the world famous Oakland Faders and boogie down champion. I'm listening to this Disco mix as I'm typing and it reminds me again why summer be da bes! I know for us here in the bay, warm whether only lasts a few hours during the day, with most public parks packed so tight a gofer couldn't find a place to chill.

That being said, you absolutely will not want to miss GoldSweat on August 8th! Not only is this one of the MOST eclectic lineups the city has ever seen for a "dance" event, its also going to be one of the most memorable. Enki brings the boogie, Belly Up brings the rude, BUL!M!ATRON brings the fire, and Sticky K brings the reign!

Here's the official bio for DJ Enki, written by DJ Platurn (who's a legend in his own right!)

The man has been DJing for almost 15 years. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Z-Trip, J-Rocc, Melo-D, Kid Koala, Rob Swift, Shortkut, Apollo, Jazzy Jay, Peanut Butter Wolf, Lyrics Born, Brother J (X-Clan), Zeph, Romanowski, Doc Fu and a host of others. He was the main resident for the infamous Money$hot weekly in San Francisco for two and a half years, during which it got named one of the top 5 Hip-Hop weeklies in the country by URB Magazine. How’s that for starters?

Born and raised on the East Coast, Enki grew up listening to DJ Red Alert’s show. Like most DJ’s who started their obsession with the turntables in the late '80s to mid 90s, the local hip-hop show was church, hence the religious practice of sitting down and listening intently as soon as the clock struck. He attended college in North Carolina, where he connected with long time friends and music cohorts Faust & Shortee, with whom he now shares membership with as part of the renowned Citizenz collective.

But it's not just about playing shows, it's about what's in your musical arsenal, too. These days, the digging is more serious than ever, putting Enki in the big leagues when it comes to the elusive un-used breakbeat, especially with him being all about the sampling when it comes to producing -- a take on the art form that is slowly heading toward nonexistence in the synth-heavy rap music world. Guess you just have to dig a little deeper. No problem. Enki's debut cut, "Kung Fu Kwaku," went pretty deep. And there's more where that came from.

Enki moved to Northern California, the Bay Area to be exact, 10 years ago. He’s lasted more than 2. That makes him official. The fact that he’s the newest member of the Oakland Faders doesn’t hurt either. Catch him rockin’ the party these days like a true master, making you nod to that joint that you had no idea was about to be your favorite. It’s likely to be self-produced.

GoldSweat Live July 11: Part 1: Loco

The first 4 or 5 tracks are coming straight off the plate. It was my little nod to the Dubsided label of which I have been a fan of since its inception. Most of the tracks in this mix are songs I've been feelin' lately during my Bay Bridge commute. There are also some throw back blog haus for the hipster beatniks taking notes. Special shout out to the Colonel MC; the voice of the bashment. He's got a permanent presence in the GoldSweat family and definitely keep an eye out for him paired with any of the GoldSweat DJs.

If you've followed GoldSweat at all over the last 6 months, we've got a dimes' worth of mixes under our belt. Many of which you can find right here on this blog. There are also more of my individual mixes located on Club91. We've also got a few popular mixes here.

Set List for GoldSweat: July 11 2009

Eric Sharp (1am - Close)

Sticky K (12am - 1am)

What What (11pm - 12am)

Loco (9pm - 11pm)

Congorock @ Lights Down Low

"Lock up your daughters and hide your Genesis games, Congorock is hitting our shores for some shows in Canada, Cali and elsewhere this week and next. He’s got a bunch of new remixes in the bag as well as tracks from his next Fool’s Gold single, so come out when he’s in town and break yr ravebone with that new new!" - Fools Gold Blog

Jul 23 2009

Jul 24 2009
THE BANK - EDMONTON, British Columbia

Jul 25 2009

Jul 28 2009

Jul 30 2009

Jul 31 2009

Aug 1 2009
SPIN SAN DIEGO, California

"This LDL is going to be an emotional one, but one to go down in the books. This is Rchrd's last Light's Down Low and we're going big. This San Francisco classic will miss Rchrd but will keep pulling strong. Make sure to come and say goodbye to an era and hello to a new one.

Congorock of Fool's Gold Records is going to set it off right, this Saturday. He's blown people away worldwide and his dj skills are what put him on the map. This is going to be big, big, big. This is probably going to sell out, so get there early!

Eli Glad is joining the crew tonight, and will be getting the party started. He's graced the decks at LDL before but this time he has a very special goodbye set for his best friend in the whole world Rchrd Oh.

Sleazemore and Rchrd will also be playing some hot tunes Saturday, so get ready for a big ol' bro-down. Who knows what will happen.

Parker Day, the epic LDL photog will be capturing away at this celebration of life and change.

This is one LDL you do not want to miss."

Sticky K Kissy Sell Out BBC radio 1 Mix

1. Major Lazer - Jump Up (Sticky K Remix)
2. Larry Tee - Let's Make Nasty (Sticky K Remix)
3. Crookers - Para de Gracinha (Sticky K Remix)
4. Sticky K - The Weirdo
5. Sticky K - Bandari Funk
6. *exclusive*
7. *exclusive*

Push Things Forward

Hot damn we had a good weekend.

First of all, HUGE thanks to everyone that come to GoldSweat last Saturday at the Triple Crown. Dubsided artist, Sticky K made his San Francisco debut and kicked off an exciting future as Master Resident for our monthly party. What made this event uniquely special was the fact that many of the raging lunatics that showed up were coming from accross the state. As far south as LA, as far east as Sacramento valley, and everywhere in between. Back all that up with the entire supporting lineup coming from uniquely different but equally as dominant musical backgrounds, that's what we call one hell of a party. Mad love to The What What featuring Colonal MC (Compression D&B, SF) and Big Sounds (Hardcore Porn / Yahtzee Crew, SF), Eric Sharp from the mighty Rock It Science, and of course Sticky K. His Kissy Sell Out Radio One BBC Mix airs soon and the kid's been busier than a festival vendor.

Next month we've invited DJ Enki from the Oakland Faders / The Citizens, East Bay CA. Enki just dropped his new Break It Down mix CD and this shit is crackin. I highly encourage you to visit his website and get caught up on your history lessons. You got just under a month before the big quiz, so come ready to boogie August 8th.

Also next month, GoldSweat.LA family BUL!M!ATRON, is kicking off his Synth City tour with us. He's got dates up and down California, in the dirty south with GoldSweat Atlanta, and with Bananas Baltimore Bomb the Block. Dude's so lined up his myspace page gives me anurisms (in the BEST way). Listen to some tracks on our myspace page or his.

This weekend GoldSweat will be in LA, ATL, SF, and Bmore all at the same time.

Podcasts of each DJ set from Saturday night coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

GoldSweat July Pics

Here are some shots from GoldSweat July. It was the San Francisco Debut of Dubsided Artist Sticky K and the beginning of his residency at the Triple Crown. Our whole steez is D.I.Y. with an emphasis on next level ish, bringing you the most bang for your buck (our party is only $5 on SATURDAYS!), and living up to our own Gold Standard.

Next month we've got DJ Enki from the world famous Oakland Faders, BUL!M!ATRON from our GoldSweat.LA family, kicking off his Synth City tour (nationwide!), and our very own GoldSweat Graphic Designer, Belly Up. We'll deffinetly have more pictures next month and hopefully some video footage good enough for TMZ, eh??? See ya next month!!!


The What What feat Colonal MC and Big Sounds


You kids have no fucking idea. What the fuck is The What What!?!?!?!?! Honestly, GoldSweat doesn't even know...

On the real, Big Sounds (Hardcore Porn / Yahtzee Crew) and the Colonel MC (Compression / Lower Haters) got together with some dream team ideas. The Colonel MC is known through his association with the world famous Compression Drum & Bass crew. This year, Compression hosted, alongside Pioneer and Heavy Hitter Dj SS from Formation Records,The World of Drum & Bass 10 Year Anniversary at Temple SF. I was out of town, but the crater they left under the freeway on Howard Street here in SF didn't get fixed until almost a month later (just kidding, but not really)! The Colonel MC and 2Cents (Compression Crew) put together a mix for SS that is so fucking wicked and you shouldn't really leave your CD out cause peeps be taking that shit! Not exclusive to 175bpms, The Colonel fucks with Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and that new wobble-wobble electro/wtf ever it is shit thats massive right now. Unfortunately Drum & Bass has taken a back seat to house/electro in San Francisco, at least as far as popular music played out in the city. However, GoldSweat has always had a "wifey love" for bassline, so when dubstep and that wobble wobble took off these past 2 years, we knew our ear should be to the streets... Were also waiting for Compression to start with the devestating tremors again. Compression events are Bass Ridden Nights of Madness! Little did we know these guys probly are going to be the reason San Francisco falls into the bay when the big one hits!

Here's where Big Sounds enters: this kid is One half of The Beets, Hardcore Porn and Yahtzee Crew, GoldSweat first hooked up with Big Sounds for the Special Sunday w/B.Rich (Palms Out Sounds) last month. Peep the videos from Love Fest this year and you can see both the Colonel MC and Big Sounds riding the bass like a bike.

This afternoon he sent us a mix full of wobble wobble, bass bass, disco sirens, 3rd world drum beats, and GoldSweat is proud to share with the world. You deffinetly won't want to miss The What What! Saturday night with Sticky K. And if you can't get enough of that bass, follow the Colonel to the monthly BADNB party (happening the same night as Sticky K) over at the Matador.

The What What GoldSweat Mix

Eric Sharp & Rock It Science

The first time I met Eric Sharp was New Years Eve 2008 @ Temple Nightclub. For those that didn't know, NYE that year featured DIPLO (Mad Decent - worldwide), NICK CATCHDUBS (Fools Gold-NYC), MOTION POTION (Fringe/Mutaytor-SF), RICHIE PANIC (Frisco Disco/Robot Rock-SF), PHARRELL (Fluokids-Paris), MISS TOATS and RICHRD OH?! (Big Stereo-SF), PAUL HEMMING (Temple-SF), DURBEN (Temple-SF), and JASWHO? (Temple-SF). Needless to say, it was a pretty epic night, especially it being my first NYE in SF. Founder of Rock It Science and a member of both Flavor Group and Temple SF, Eric knows a thing or two about hustling. In an interview with SF Station last year (for NYE 2008 where he opened for Jesse Rose & Diplo [*again!]), he said this:
"Don't ever stop. Hone your skills, work hard, promote and market yourself persistently and tastefully. View the people who hate on you as a sign of encouragement: it means you are being successful and making people jealous."
Here's a little ditty taken from the Rock It Science bio page:
Eric Sharp’s ascent to the forefront of dance music can only be described as meteoric. From working countless dance floors into frenzies at clubs, bars, and parties across the US and the globe to producing some of San Francisco’s most epic parties with his crew Rock It Science, Eric’s seemingly endless energy and dedication is simply contagious.

It is obvious when Eric steps up to the decks that he spent years dancing all night and feeling the music, evidenced by both his ability to quickly tune into a crowd and get them going crazy as well as the fact that he is dancing with a huge smile on his face behind the tables as hard as anybody on the floor.

One of the most versatile dj’s around, Eric Sharp is known to play anything from Deep and Funky House to Dirty Acid Techno to pumping Chicago beats to Baile Funk to Baltimore Club Jams to Wobbly Fidget House to French & Italian Electro and everything in between. Inspired by jocks like Derrick Carter and Diplo who take their crowds on a musical journey, Eric always gives people what they need while still managing to keep them guessing and begging for more. Watching Mr. Sharp seamlessly mixing and layering tracks is entertainment in and of itself, and has caught the eye of promoters, dj’s, and producers alike.

This winning combination of dynamic energy, varied musical selections, excellent technical skills, and the uncanny ability to tap into any crowd has quickly made Eric one of the most sought after dj’s in SF and beyond, sharing the bill with seminal talent such as Diplo, Green Velvet, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Jeno, Sunshine Jones (founding member of Dubtribe Soundsystem), Justin Martin, Worthy, Roy Davis Jr, Justin Long, DJ Heather, Jesse Saunders, Miss Honey Dijon, Klever, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Diz, Troydon, Miles Maeda, Funk D’Void, Mastiksoul, Lee Coombs, Nikola Baytala, Quentin Harris, Nick Catchdubs, Pharrell of Fluokids, DJ Fluid and more.

GoldSweat is super duper excited to have him for our opening night with Sticky K. Keep on the look out for more Rock It Science Events and don't forget to catch him at Temple SF on Friday Nights. Here's a super exclusive Remix from Eric Sharp... Enjoy!

Eric Sharp - Norrit Remix

Goldsweat ATL

Captain Crunk flies the Goldsweat flag in Atlanta and we get some savage cousins. This Thursday, the Dirty South gets the Gold Standard. Watch our for more two-and-fro from the dirtiest.