GoldSweat Sessions @ Infatuation


85 Campton Place

free w/RSVP until 11pm:
$5 After 11pm.
GoldSweat always brings SF the most bang for the buck!

Just Loco opening & the Colonel MC holdin' it down for the '3 KINGS' this Wednesday at Infatuation. Party Like Us / Trouble & Bass monster, Udachi (Brooklyn, NYC) will be IN THE BUILDING as well as our good friends from LA, Breakdown (Josh & Mike David). Of course, no GoldSweat party would be the same w/out Sticky K! Word on the street is he's gonna be leakin' brand new world exclusive tracks tonight from his upcoming (second!) Dubsided EP. SF might finally crack down the San Andreas fault line and fall into the bay on hump day this week, make sure you are there for history in the making. Don't forget to RSVP for free entry until 11pm. And at only $5 a head after 11pm, GoldSweat keeps up with our Gold Standard by giving you the most bang for your buck! Don't forget to download all this free swag... giving back always feels better than taking!

GoldSweat Weekend!

(BETWEEN 2nd & 3rd)
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@ 111 MINNA

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@ MADRONE ART BAR (formally Madrone Lounge)
500 DIVISIDERO SF, CA USA (Outside Lands After Party)

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For the Love...

Its Monday...

GoldSweat had a good weekend... we busted speakers at two of our events (same night, different cities), won a DJ competition, and broke our backs doing nothing but carrying Turntable Lab boxes up to our apartment. So in celebration of Monday Night Football (GO RAVENS!) and dancing children, here's something to laugh with and practice our "in-place bow-legged" trance dance.



GoldSweat will probably go into labor tonight, with Baltimore basically destroying everyone's Saturday night on the East Coast with a lineup stacked higher than IHOP in Angles Camp. BUL!M!ATRON & MelissFX continue to reak havok at every spot of their Synth City tour. Crunk joins them for the second time this month as GoldSweat.LA made a stop down in the dirty a few weeks back. Kosta is making his GoldSweat debeut but hardly a rookie. In fact, GoldSweat roots just got deeper than mangroves. Unruly, Top Billen, GoldSweat, BombtheBlock, Pixelbombs, PedxBmore, and the Red Square is gonna be the spot tonight no joke, hands down. Speaking of west coast, two GoldSweaters will be comfortably warn twice tonight in San Francisco as well.

First, Loco'll be competing in the last round of the prelim's for Energy 92.7's Ultimate DJ Competition. The Cafe (located at the corner of Castro & Market, above Chevron / Subway) will host the event from 8pm - 10pm, with their normal radio invasion following. Its free for the competition and it'll be a whopping good time, no?

Second, Pance Party is making their Lights Down Low debut over at Triple Crown with resident Sleazemore, Miss Toats from San Diego's Discodust blog, and Acid Girls from LA's iHeartComixs label.

Someone get me started on last nights Felix Cartal and Bird Peterson show... that shit was WICKED!!!

GoldSweat & Solid Bump Records & Madrone Art Bar present:

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Mike the 2600 King (Burlesque North America / Do It To It)

Starting off as a college radio DJ in St. Louis, Mike learned his way around a pair of turntables and began building his record collection, spinning at parties on campus and around the city. In 1999, he released "Yars' Revenge," a 4-track mixtape of funk breaks, scratch routines, and Black Sabbath and Sesame Street samples.

Mike The 2600 King

In the years to follow, Mike linked up with Doug Surreal, Bitch Ass Darius, and other St. Louis DJs to form the Litterthugz crew, with whom he spun at clubs, parties, and DJ battles around the Midwest, was twice nominated as St. Louis' best hip hop DJ, and released the T.A.B.L.A.M.F.C.B. 12", a barrage of cut-and-paste jeep beats, as well as a slew of acclaimed mix CDs including the funk and psychedelic workout "Heavy Session."

In 2008, Mike 2600 incorporated Burlesque North America into the musical equation. With original and individually pressed 12" LPs, the Do It To It Series was born. Volume 1 went straight to the point with timeless and true club essentials. Varied in genre and tempo, each track is perfect for any DJ makin' a statement while singing along.

Vol.1 Tracklisting
Mike The 2600 King - Give It To Me
Bird Peterson - The Jump Off
Dave Nada - Cream Dat
Smalltown DJs - Party Like A Punk
Cosmo Baker - Alice Is A Sucker

In 2009, Do It To It Volume 2 came out and went straight to the club. Bangers on both sides of the wax that pushes established genre's and guaranteed to get that ass movin! For those lucky enough to cop the 12" EP, there is also a CD included with 2 original mixes by Bird Peterson and Mike 2600 himself (hotttttttttt!)

Vol.2 Tracklisting:
Bird Peterson - Torture Motherf*cker
Dave Nada - JB Baby
Emynd - Hold It Down 2009
Wizard Of Gaz - Preacher Man
Tittsworth - I'm Rich
Mike The 2600 King - Hold Up I'm Comin'

Now residing in Minneapolis, Mike can be found cutting up funk, disco, classic hip hop, oldies, Miami Bass, and '80s rock and R&B at parties and clubs around town, opening up for acts such as Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, The Rub, Spankrock, Atmosphere, DJ Steinski, and Prince Paul. GoldSweat is proud to present one our personal favorites to Madrone Art Bar for this very special event.


White Girl Lust (Solid Bump Records)

"Low art for the high brow listener."

Thats exactly what you think of when you hear music from White Girl Lust. Still riding the wave from his debut performance at Infatuation on July 22nd with fellow label artist Alona, WGL has been on the serious come up for a minute. Rumor has it he's an ex D&B producer turned future filtered french disco house master that reminds you to dust off your moms LPs before throwin' on your belt drive turntable.

White Girl Lust was a special request from Mike the 2600 King, so of course we had to oblige! Apparently these two go way back like closing pitchers, so August 29th is gonna be the boogie down family reunion of the year!

West Coast Bump - Solid Bump Records - 2008
West Coast Bump Remixes - Solid Bump Records 2008
Back & Forth EP - Solid Bump Records 2009

Tracks Appear On:
Blackout! on Pleasure & Pressure Vol.1 - Solid Bump Records 2009

Official Remixes:
I'll Be Around (White Girl Lust Rmx) - Sharkslayer - Top Billin' 2009
Feel The Rhythm (White Girl Lust Rmx) - Norrit - Think 2wice Records 2009


B.Cause (4OneFunk)

How do we even begin to hype world famous DJ B.Cause?!? I guess actions speak louder than words, so lemme just list you his mixtape discography:

Record Haterz - Mista B & B.Cause

DJ Yayceeoh Presents - Super 7 Vol.1 feat. DJ Jayceeoh, DJ Steve1der, DJ B.Cause, DJ Morse Code,
DJ Platurn, DJ Benzi, DJ Eleven

PlayCrater & PlayCrater Too - mixed by DJ B.Cause

Night of the Remix round 2 "A Good Hook" - DJ B.Cause

Beer & Raps present: HARD AS FUCK vol.2 & vol.3! - Mixed by DJ B.Cause

DNAE Beats - The First Hundred is the Hardest mixed by DJ. B.Cause

Super Hyphy Disco - DJ B.Cause

B.Cause and Max Kane present: Night of the Remix vol.1 "rescrapes, tapes and tapes"

Soul Boulders "slow funky soul burners" - Mixed by Matthew Africa & DJ B.Cause

Slump & Grind 1 and 2 "Bay Area Rap" mixed by DJs B.Cause & Ross Hogg

The significance of this guy and his influence on the national music scene is HUGE. B.Cause has been a staple contributor in developing many of GoldSweats "geeked out moments" in music. Mix tapes on the major hustle, re-edits and remixes almost daily from his blog, and the dude plays out more than our generation can keep up with. B.Cause has influences in rap, disco, funk, breaks, broken beat, soul, house, and classical composition, making him one of THE most sought after DJs in San Francisco.

GoldSweat is incredibly excited to have him support Mike the 2600 King. We've seen B.cause play at parties like, Free Funk Friday @ Elbo Room, Night of the Remix @ Madrone Art Bar, and recently at Nightlife, California Academy of Sciences Thursday night monthly where DJs get to spin to party goers above the albino alligator pit!


TophOne (Red Wine DJs / Lucky 13 XLR8R)

San Francisco staple, musical presage as Lucky 13 writer for XLR8R Magazine, and red wine social night specialist.

We here at GoldSweat are especially excited for our friend TophOne, to round out the eclectic lineup for this very special evening. Expect for him to spill some 45's, dusty 7" inches, and a few glasses of wine with everyone.


GoldSweat DJs / San Francisco




GoldSweat DJs / / GoldSweat.Tweet

GoldFace / MySweat


GoldSweat / Solid Bump / Madrone Art Bar present:

Mike the 2600 King (Burlesque North America)
White Girl Lust (Solid Bump Records)
DJ B.Cause (4OneFunk)
TophOne (Red Wine DJs / Lucky 13 XLR8R)
GoldSweat DJs: Konnect, Belly Up, Just Loco

Saturday August 29, 2009
Madrone Art Bar
(newly renovated and BRAND NEW ARTWORK!)
500 Divisidero Street
San Francisco, CA USA

This Party will be THE SPOT after Outside Lands Music Festival, which is right down the street in Golden Gate Park. For those reeling from the festival and still wanna boogie, GoldSweat and Solid Bump got what you need!

The Blast "Summer Don't Leave Me"

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GoldSweat on that knew new design remix and Belly Up featured DJ set. The Blast never looked so good...


I dunno about you, fam, but GoldSweat will be reppin' HARD at Ruby Skyy Friday Night. Not only are we big huge giant fans like Egyptian palace slaves of Felix Cartal, but Bird Peterson is a personal favorite that we're straight tape on the front of our glasses excited about. Bird had an exclusive mix included with the Do It To It EP Vol.2, which is directly related to our Mike the 2600 King party at Madrone Art Bar next Saturday, August 29th (see below). I'm sure the speaker cones at this MASSIVE will be vibrating like 17th & Mission. Anyway, Dances With White Girls was recently featured on Turntable Lab's most recent podcast and his beats are pure hot fire! Ruby Skyy didn't really know what they got into when they booked this lineup because walls will melt and the burn ward at Kaiser is gonna be crowded. If you're heatin' up on the dance floor, get at GoldSweat because we'll be offering back rubs with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

ALSO tomorrow night, Grime City comes with the major wood with DZ! When Loco first met Belly, we were outside Grime City (over a year ago!!) and he couldn't talk more about how much he loved this party. So, over a year later, Anu blows up with so much sublow boys'll be holding their chode and girls'll be grinding harder than a cheese grader. Residents SamSupa, Enzyme, 100 Spokes, and Ax!om MC on the mic. Guess Friday's just turned into GoldSweat clubber's commute.

Divisidero @ Fell, SF CA USA

Foniks - GoldSweat.LA

The GoldSweat blog is rabid with information about our artists, our artwork, and our parties. So to shake things up a bit, here's some raw footage our our GoldSweat blood-brother in LA, Foniks, on some live MPC action. Belly and Loco went down to LA for the 5Signs Turntablelab In-store performance where Foniks, Abstract Butta Fingers, Alcendor, NSOK, and Accrete blasted Fairfax Ave with that PHF.

GoldSweat is on the come up, but sometimes its cool to chill out. Enjoy! Also, if you're anywhere in the LA area, hit up Foniks! He's unemployed, single, can cook like Bobby Flay, DJ like a mo-fo, and probably show you the best time someone can have living on food stamps and veggies from the neighbors.


GoldSweat.ATL Tonight! Captain Crunk & Black Dominoes & MITE! HYPE/DUB/STEP/CRUNK/HYPHY/FUTURE CLUB MUSIC!

There's no shame in our game when we post a flyer THREE times. Actually, we're being stupid fresh with our propaganda, so re-up, twit, forward, link, blast, hate, lie, sex, dance, email, chat, and post-it note this all over the damn place like sharpies on drunks at a frat party.

El Bar. 939 Ponce De Leon.
Atlanta, GA USA

Summer Don't Leave Me

Creative for The Blast: "Summer Don't Leave Me" at 111 Minna on August 28.

We're back on that knew new and I think we clean up well.

Back when GoldSweat was a whole lot of nothing except Belly and Loco jockin' their own steez, we were doing crazy concepts and challenging the normal flier format. We started focusing on visually separating ourselves from typical club propaganda just to be scene, even though we knew nobody was gonna know wtf we were or what we sounded like. This in-exposure made it more and more comfortable to just be dumb with our ideas and see what happened. Many of our longtime supporters actually got at us because of the images instead of through our music. Now you can find all that here and here and here.

Tomorrow night Captain Crunk, MITE, and Black Dominoes rally GoldSweat for round 2 at El Bar in Atlanta, GA. I strongly suggest myfacing these guys, the dirty dirty is about to get filthy. The Crunk is giving out FREE remixes if you get at him quick! I'm not gonna tell you how, but us west coasters might need a webcam and the door locked.

GoldSweat.ATL Captain Crunk & Black Dominoes & MITE

Captain Crunk
got me a few days ago and we aimed high during low times. The struggle continues as our cousins progress through the future, relying on the quality of the brand and the exceptional-ism of the music. July posted a Thursday stick'ems while August tests our Hump Day muscle down in the dirty dirty. This month we got MITE (Brooklyn, NY) and Black Dominoes (Athens/Atlanta, GA) co-horting with your Crunk-ness on a mid-week mindset at the beginning of the end of summer. Even though we're only adding to your work week procrastination, this is enough to give us some breathing room while we reel in exclusive mix tapes and sunday wax melts.

GoldSweat presents Mike the 2600 King

(click flier for full size)
Now you know.

Mike the 2600 King (Burlesque North America)
B.Cause (4OneFunk)
TophOne (Red Wine DJs / Lucky 13 XLR8R)
White Girl Lust (Solid Bump Records)

Madrone Art Bar
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
9pm - 2am
$5 all night
*Outside Lands Festival Weekend*

Mike the 2600 King gave the GoldSweat logotype a coveted BURLESQUE treatment for his headlining set at Madrone Art Bar. We don't need to emphasize the significance of this lineup... but to say the least, this party is stacked! Minneapolis lands on SF like a rare and sexy bird late this August to Do It To Us. More details coming soon.

¡Que Augusto!

Loud Loud Loud is probably the only real way to describe August.

In the 8th month's first week, GoldSweat was steppin' hard with Sticky K playing three times this week (Sacramento Wednesday and San Francisco Friday and Saturday), GoldSweat.LA family BUL!M!ATRON and Meliss FX kickin' off their Synth City Tour for our Master monthly, and featured members of Pance Party, Super Best Friends Club, Oakland Faders, and Yahtzee all making apperances in support. Big fat one's to Hacksaw Entertainment and RichDDT for hosting Jack Beats and Sticky K at Paradise Lounge. It was a pretty INCREDIBLE show, with the whole venue packed tight like IV Garb raves in the desert.
Sticky K - "Since I started DJing back in school, the set I played at Paradise Lounge was probably my best yet."

The next night was his Master Monthly @ the Triple Crown. Belly Up, the man behind the 2D pastel porn mayhem that is the GoldSweat image, loosed it up early with a sleeper filled midtempo banger set that netted a few happy hour folks into some couples grinding not seen since high school. What makes his set stand out is deffinetly the live interludes mirroring those Quickies on our website (btw, we got mad hits to the site and ever more on the first series of mixes posted here!) Next, Oakland Fader and Lower Hater, DJ Enki, followed in suit like a lawyer winning cases. Transfering between genre's, tempos, doubles, line, and phono solidified my personal goal to become the president of his fan club. Disco burners buttered up the bread for some true-electro veggies and then my favorite meal of the night, that boogie down baltimore club. Light enough to be full but gawd damn, you're coming back again and ordering the same thing. Sunday afternoon I ran into Enki at Lower Haters, exchanged props and spoke a bit about the night. When I mentioned a tracklist he responded:
DJ Enki - "Aww man (laughs)! You know I gotta keep SOME secrets!"
B-Boy rule #1, don't bite. Speaking of fangs, BUL!M!ATRON and Meliss FX graced the bass with jams too good for jelly. This month I was workin' the door, raising my hands, and singin' my ass off. BUL!M!ATRON has a new remix out, his calender just got east coasted with the beginning of his tour with Meliss FX, and Sunday night he's co-headling with Felix Cartel in LA (he'll also be back at the end of August for a rave at Kelly's Mission Rock and our Gold Standard throw down at Temple, stay tuned!). You can tell they're LA only in the fact that its really not a joke. Myspace your Monday morning with a little entertainment research and you'll find that these two are gonna boogie down some breaks at Bomb the Block in Baltimore (HUGE LINEUP!) and GoldSweat Atlanta with our man Captain Crunk! They got a line drive ahead of them... the length of the state straight to a gig, kinda still hungover, and running late cause Upper Playground is off the hook right now (seriously). I asked Meliss FX about their tour schedule, with SF being the first date and the first of the east coast spots starting Friday night...

Meliss FX - "Well, we're driving down to LA straight to a gig - hopefully we're not late (laughs cause she's the one draggin...). Then we got another gig Monday, Wednesday and we jump on a plane for New York Thursday. I'm really excited!"

We got GoldSweat August recorded and we'll be posting each DJ's set for download in a few weeks!

GoldSweat Atlanta August: Captain Crunk + Black Dominoes + MITE

Colonel Shoutin it OUT

What up GOLDSWEATER? Colonel from the WHAT WHAT steppin up steppin in to talk some shit about the nasty, wobbly brand of bassline badness that's gettin dropped on the regular down at GOLDSWEAT. In case you're just waking up to it, baby, two words: DIRTY BIZNESS. Soooo insanity inducing--last month at the club fools hand one hand on their hip, the other in the air, just strutting around like Mick Jagger on crank or some shit. Insanity I ain't heard since back when DnB was still funky.

Case in point: this motherfucking mix by A1 Bassline, one of the lead pimps out right now (along with Foamo, the Mustard Pimp, and GOLDSWEAT's own STICKY K) is absolutely SLAMMIN. The mix has been out for a minute, but it's so damn funky and freaky--like my cousin would say, a mix this rowdy will stick its dick in your eye. Just too much.

A1 BASSLINE on Rob Da Bank (get the TL over at our friends the Fat Club).

If that's too soulful for you, white boy, peep out the rough ROUGH rolling bassline steeze from Portland newturks DISCO MYSTERIO, below. Recorded live from their set over at HARDCORE PORN (a monthly thrown by my WHAT WHAT partner in crime, DJ BIG SOUNDS), this shit starts silly with the Mustard Pimp's relick of "The Launch" then quickly devolves into some full-on crunchy-ass devil worship shit. Satanically funky fuck beats, or something.

DISCO MYSTERIO live at Hardcorn Porn (that's a Mediafire link, but trust, it's worth the wait)

Tracklist is SIIICK (in particular, that GTRONIC track, IRON MAN, needs to be stopped):
1. dj jean - the launch (mustard pimp edit)
2. alex gopher - handguns (dada life rmx)
3. duck sauce - you're nasty
4. gigi barocco - rowdy jack
5. b. rich - killin it
6. cat house - animal skin (lee mortimer rmx)
7. gtronic - iron man
8. boltan - creepy (mightyfools rmx)
9. lee mortimer & foamo - it's going down
10. jack beats -u.f.o. (k-hole riddim)
11. b. rich - make me dance (disco mysterio's la loca rmx)
12. seductive - underground sound
13. harvard bass - caked
14. renaissance man - aloha (original mix)
15. dj chuckie - let the bass kick (silvio ecomo rmx)
16. barletta - panther (torro torro rmx)
17. freeland - strange things (high rankin rmx)
18. mistabitshi - printer jam (barbarix rmx)
19. borgore - foes (16bit fuck hoes rmx)
20. crissy criss - kick snare
21. jack beats - labyrinth
22. tek-one - broken string

FINALLY, and seriously, did you see the STICKY K live mix last GOLDSWEAT posted below? I don't think you did. Scroll your shit down and PEEP GAME, fuels. Such a dope, eclectic mix--there's a reason why that man's at the top of the game right now. I had my woman La Loca at the show, five month pregnant, and best believe I was working that ass on the dancefloor, just getting dirty with it. Spectacular.

Okay, so I'm out to the Ballaeric islands, Mallorca in particular, and will have to miss this week's edition of the SWEAT, but I'll be back in time to rock Club TEMPLE with the rest of the crew on AUGUST 28th. Until then, throw it up, toss one back and get your motherfucking GOLD SWEAT ON.

GoldSweat July 11 Part 4 - Eric Sharp

1) Bassline Project - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix) - Cheap Thrills
2) Bassline Project - Drop The Pressure (Original Mix) - Cheap Thrills
3) Proxy - Tha Raven (Kazey & Bulldog MPC Reverse Remix) - Turbo
4) Diplo - Work Never Over - Hollertronix
5) DJ Blaqstarr feat Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Drop The Lime Remix) - Mad Decent
6) Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix) - Unreleased
7) Kidda - Smile (Detboi Remix) - Skint
8) Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Remix) - Skint
9) Machines Don't Care - Afro Jacker - Machines Don't Care
10) Kid Sister - Pro Nailz (Rusko Remix) - Fool's Gold
11) La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix) - Polydor

Here's the final segment from our GoldSweat Sticky K debut on July 11th. Eric Sharp, from the mighty Rock It Science, turned everyone into monsters with his closing set. As a frequent frequenter of many a club scene here in the city, its not often you see the closing DJ actually closing out the party. Usually is the the left overs from the mad rush that are either too drunk to go home, are still working on that breezy back at the booth, or were late. Eric Sharp has been in the game for a hot minute, so GoldSweat knew that this was going to be a special treat. Don't believe me? Peep the tracklist!

Triple Crown was packed all the way until they finally told us to pull the plug! Thank you to Eric Sharp for throwing down like a heavy weight champ. You can stream the set live at and


GoldSweat July 11 Part 3 - Sticky K


Here's part 3 from GoldSweat July 11th and Sticky K's debut performance in the city. Introduced by The Colonal MC, Sticky kills it from start to finish. All of his tracks, familiar and unfamiliar, are all compliments to the sound he's established for himself as Dubsided's newest signed artist. Its also exactly why we've givin him Master Residency for GoldSweat at Triple Crown. He's currently working on his SECOND EP for Dubsided and is DJing TWICE this week!

First, Friday night he's headlining with the one and only, Jack Beats!

Then Saturday night is Round 2 for GoldSweat @ Triple Crown with DJ Enki (Oakland Faders), BUL!M!ATRON (GoldSweat.LA) and Belly UP (GoldSweat Image Master)

GoldSweat Live July 11th - The What What feat. Colonal MC and Big Sounds

2nd installment from GoldSweat July 11th Recorded Mixes. After my opening set, Big Sounds and The Colonal MC took it up to 11 from the very first song. A little back story about the mix; Big Sounds had to use about 10 pieces of scotch tape to keep his Akai APC40 power sourced. I'm not sure if he picked it up from UPS on his way down to the club or what, but Big Sounds got to the booth with the whole thing still inside the box! Regardless of the precursor, this mix requires your bass bins to be tested.

Right off the bat you are introduced to the one Colonal MC, gracing the electro grind with his statements of hype and rhymes of distinction. Already a staple for many San Francisco Drum & Bass events around the city, the Colonal MC and Big Sounds decided it was time to spread the love. Not far from their roots, about 3/4 the way through Big Sounds decides its time to bring the pain and mayhem ensues.

Words from the Colonal and Big Sounds coming soon...

You can download the whole mix above or you can listen to all of the streaming audio here.