thousand mine.

Seconds away from the end of the beginning is surreal. This year, some of us got hit hard while others were tremendously fortunate. X means ten and so the new dance is crossing forearms. Sister cities, new friends, solid chumps and moving on.

GoldSweat the 'blogspot' may function sporadically, as something we haven't decided yet, but most of the content we will publish will be in our new apartment downtown. I kinda like the gentlemen/dunce look of this website, so some of us may live vicariously through its 'we absolutely don't give a fuck' persona. Plus, its white. BellyUp dead lifts without a backbrace and I play video games standing up with my mouth closed.

All the links should still be live, so if you're using it as a reference map into our clothes, contact us. We like talking! Otherwise, enjoy everything here and at our penthouse.

5Signs Podcast Vol.1
Download / Listen
5Signs Podcast Vol.1
Recorded live @ The Watermelon Studios

Foniks has been a part of GoldSweat since our inception. Fine arts and studio production are synonymous as cooking and gardening, of which he excels at through necessity amongst habit. I'm not jockin' him or nothin', I'm just saying the TLab Instore showcase this crew pulled together was phenom. Since, all artists have excelled at staying true, real, or not. Nevertheless, word to your moms. This is why there really are only 5Signs. Beats be franklin, bitch. Peep the vid. See ya Saturday.

\\\Words from Foniks:
I'm sending this to all of you since I think you'll enjoy it (assuming you like beats, downtempo, hip hop, electronic, experimental, etc.). It's our first one, so there's a couple kinks, but we'll be tightening the screws on the next one... it's recorded live folks! Pass it along to friends, it's FREE to download and distribute at will. The 5Signs is a 5 man production crew in Los Angeles with individual styles and a form-like-Voltron group mentality when it comes to getting business done.

If you're up in the Bay, you can cop our 12" @ Amoeba SF/Berkeley, Rasputing Berkeley, and Streetlight in San Jose. If you're in LA, you can go to Amoeba in Hollywood, Poo-Bahs in Pasadena, or Origami Vinyl in Echo Park.

If you're in the LA area, Foniks will be performing along side Abstract Butter Fingaz and Alcendor THIS TUESDAY @ Grandstar in Chinatown. 943 N. Broadway, LA, CA.

GoldSweat December 12, 2009

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This month we went viral and decided to fall off. Not the deep end. Not off a cliff. Shit, not even off our beds. But off the LOW END! We're bringing back our favorite wax fiend DJ Enki (Oakland Faders / Lower Haters) and Eagle Rock medicinal user, Foniks (5Sgins / GoldSweatLA) to dip us in that disco sweat. Vinyl will melt, needles will break, gold will fall from the sky, and of course, master resident Sticky K will be backed by #2 on the bridge, Loco, so this Starship Enterprise is warp speed ahead!

Konnect Live @ GoldSweat Sessions Vol.2

Konnect-Live at Infatuation, San Francisco, CA-12.02.09 by Konnect

Michael Harms aka Konnect is a GoldSweat board member, Bass-meant-level producer in all things heavy, and seasoned club kid from The Old Bay (Baltimore). Having single-handedly started every riot that has ensued at GoldSweat events, you can say he's got a price on his head. Good thing for us, our profit doubles when he makes his live debut sharing the decks with Master killer, Sticky K and Pance Party at our GoldSweat Sessions (Vol.2) at Infatuation. SF Club culture may be slowly sucking the life out of the mid-week club kid, but GoldSweat knows Vessel has one of the most major sound systems in the bay and we had to test it. We sent in Konnect to push it to twelve and the cold-bastard delivered. I don't care who you are, this tracklisting is so major I almost don't want to post it. But lurkers, haters, exes, and bassbins make us famous... For those of you that missed it, we've got more Old Bay Seasoning to powder that ass in Juicy bass this Saturday at our Second Saturday, Triple Crown. Be there or be a shape, get it?

1. Intro
2. Two Fresh – Bhanga (B Rich Rmx)
3. Top Billin’ – Playboy Anthem (Rico Tubbs VIP Mix)*
4. Kid Kenobi – Move that Body (Rico’s Speed Garage Mix)
5. Dope Tito – Take Me Away
6. Fagget Fairys – Roll the Dice (B Rich Rmx)
7. Rico Tubbs – It Gets No Better (Udachi Rmx)
8. Tinny – Zingolo (Doorly Rmx)
9. Udachi and Jubilee – Smoke Rings (Original Mix)
10. AC Slater – Play the Record Again
11. Villains, feat. o8o – I’m on it (AC Slater Remix)
12. DJ Rockid, feat. Lady Bee – Badmen (Mighty Fools Rmx)
13. Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet and Flinch Rmx)

*Goldsweat Blog Exclusive

Konnect on Twitter (Here)

GoldSweat Atlanta - DJ Ayres

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DJ Ayres & The Rub hold a special place in every one's hearts. Atlanta Dubstep has been bass lining the fringe and keeping the dirty dirty. EL Bar & GoldSweat have been sailing under Captain Crunk for half a year, pillaging, dipping, sharing our plate. Hump days in the winter are for couples and pairs, cause its too hard to stay warm alone. Free = Drinks and the ride home on the realness. Get your whale on.

Made to Play tour

Scion A/V Presents: Made to Play CD Release Tour from Scion A/V.

Tour Dates:

*Sunday, December 6, 2009
Rok Bar
Miami, FL

*Tuesday, December 8, 2009
New York, NY

*Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Beauty Bar
Austin, TX

*Thursday, December 10, 2009
The Roxy
West Hollywood, CA

RSVP is strictly required at
Early arrival is suggested as space is limited. Entry not guaranteed. Line up subject to change.


miami : induce
nyc : gina turner & alex english
austin : markus with a k
west hollywood : staccato

There's a shitload going on over at the GoldSweat HQ and this Saturday we're throwing a disco at the Triple Crown. Platform slayers DJ Enki & Foniks, our west coast cousin's still melting vinyl into breakfast bowls, will be gracing the decks along side myself and Stiiiiiiicccckkkkkkkkyyyyyy. No curtions necessary this month, the windows'll be fogged over like a Lover's Point. But first, my personal go-to morning-wood label with a jackin'-ass favorites will be on tour starting now. Rok Bar in Miami, Love in NYC, Beauty Bar in Austin, and The Roxy in Hollywood. 4 dates, 1 week, the west coast can't afford to miss this. I'm personally debating about blasting into Burbank and calling in sick. You can't beat free, you can't beat this sound, you can't beat the lineup, you can't beat the supporting roster, and you can't be me. Oh yeah, a few of these chaps have some label love for our boy Sticky K (Dubsided). See ya Wednesday. See ya Saturday.

Vessel Gets Dipped

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Vessel brings us back full force to start winter on the bay. Last time Udachi and Breakdown teamed up with Sticky to shake the leaves off that tree. This time, Konnect and PanceParty join the fight and we're looking to do some landscaping, feel me? Two-for-one's ringside. FreeBass. Free w/rsvp (direct link)! DVAS. Join Super Best Friends Club. Sticky K. Konnect. Pance Party. Loco. Fucking Philthy. Scarlet.

Facebook Party Page

GoldSweat Sessions (Vol.2)
Hosted By: Philthy Rodriguez (SuperBestFriendsClub) & Scarlet (DVAS).
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009. San Francisco, CA USA.


GoldSweat Atlanta w/DJ Ayres
Wednesday, December 9th 2009. Atlanta Georgia, CA USA