GoldSweat w/Sticky K (Dubsided)

Sticky K is name to be known. But to know is to already be familiar and I can guarantee that many have no idea. I had the pleasure of meeting Sticky K face to face in his element. Isla Vista is infamous for being an experience in an of itself. Thousands of kids attending UCSB live predominently in this segregated area near the airport 20 minutes away from State Street. Imagine your entire school, ages 18 -25, live within 3 square miles of each other and basically do whatever the hell they want. I graduated 2 years ago 90 minutes north at CPSU, where kids would come back from weekends in IV covered in bandages, STILL wasted, missing their roommate, and often short about a hundred brain cells. The culture that Sticky K mutated from is one where drugs induce inspiration where chaos is dealt with daily. Kegstands and mushroom trips balance along side ritual surf sessions and hot summers. The party culture in IV outshines anything any of clubs in Santa Barbara where djs like Steve Aeoki, Donald Glaude, Christopher Lawrence, and DJAM have all been featured. IV Garb, a creature standing on its own 4 feet, basically created a foundation for Rodney Kashani aka Sticky K, to develop. One might think that they're a bit behind in image with their neon tank tops and paint pen typography, but trends don't matter when you're that close to LA, surf between classes, and listen to electro before bed... right? Man... I LOVE college...

All humor aside, the Sticky K is on some serious sleeper hype right now. Graduating with a UC degree and a debut release on Dubsided Records, the world is ready. Here's a few choise words from fans around the world:

"His Bandari Funk EP is a straight up party banger, bass heavy egg on your face shit that i just cant get enough of at the moment. Sticky K has plenty of remixes out there on many other blogs but its his original tracks that really show off his production skills and make you sit up and pay attention, especially his track called "The Wierdo" that is now available to stream on his myspace page."

"This monster synth assault comes courtesy of California producer Sticky K, newly signed to Switch's Dubsided label for obvious reasons: in this track, dude hits drum patterns in the crosshair like he's wielding a taser to our minds and/or been hanging out with some Italian powerhouse (oh wait, he has!), twitching the rhythm like this is the last night we will ever dance before the zombie apocalypse."

"Our Rodders (ROD KASHANI-STICKY K) has been busy of late, he has just relocated to San Francisco and starts his residency at the ‘Triple Crown’. He is working on his next EP for Dubsided and our prediction that he is going to be big is proving to be true as he has just been asked to do a guest mix for BBC RADIO 1 for the KISSY SELL OUT show!!!!!"
~Generation Bass

He has just released the 'Bandari Funk’ EP for the world renowned dance label Dubsided and also has a number of remixes under his belt for artists including Crookers, Maluca, Larry Tee, Major Lazer, Diplo, and MSTRKRFT. Sticky K will be featured on Kissy Sell Out's BBC Radio 1 show with a very anticipated guest mix as well as more mahem! For those living anywhere in Northern California, Sticky K can be found at Triple Crown in San Francisco, where he is resident DJ for GoldSweat. We are honored to give Sticky the wheel here in SF and I'm sure the city is already buzzing. $5 all night ain't a bad deal considering you'll be hearing some of the best dance music in the world mixed by Sticky K and his friends.

Sticky K (Dubsided Records)
Eric Sharp (Rock It Science)
The What What! feat. Big Sounds & Colonel MC (Hardcore Porn / Compression)
Just Loco (GoldSweat)

Date: Saturday July 11th, 2009
Time: 9:00pm - 2:00am
Cost: $5 all night

Triple Crown
1760 Market Street
SF, CA 94102
Triple Crown

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