GoldSweat Live July 11: Part 1: Loco

The first 4 or 5 tracks are coming straight off the plate. It was my little nod to the Dubsided label of which I have been a fan of since its inception. Most of the tracks in this mix are songs I've been feelin' lately during my Bay Bridge commute. There are also some throw back blog haus for the hipster beatniks taking notes. Special shout out to the Colonel MC; the voice of the bashment. He's got a permanent presence in the GoldSweat family and definitely keep an eye out for him paired with any of the GoldSweat DJs.

If you've followed GoldSweat at all over the last 6 months, we've got a dimes' worth of mixes under our belt. Many of which you can find right here on this blog. There are also more of my individual mixes located on Club91. We've also got a few popular mixes here.

Set List for GoldSweat: July 11 2009

Eric Sharp (1am - Close)

Sticky K (12am - 1am)

What What (11pm - 12am)

Loco (9pm - 11pm)

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