Push Things Forward

Hot damn we had a good weekend.

First of all, HUGE thanks to everyone that come to GoldSweat last Saturday at the Triple Crown. Dubsided artist, Sticky K made his San Francisco debut and kicked off an exciting future as Master Resident for our monthly party. What made this event uniquely special was the fact that many of the raging lunatics that showed up were coming from accross the state. As far south as LA, as far east as Sacramento valley, and everywhere in between. Back all that up with the entire supporting lineup coming from uniquely different but equally as dominant musical backgrounds, that's what we call one hell of a party. Mad love to The What What featuring Colonal MC (Compression D&B, SF) and Big Sounds (Hardcore Porn / Yahtzee Crew, SF), Eric Sharp from the mighty Rock It Science, and of course Sticky K. His Kissy Sell Out Radio One BBC Mix airs soon and the kid's been busier than a festival vendor.

Next month we've invited DJ Enki from the Oakland Faders / The Citizens, East Bay CA. Enki just dropped his new Break It Down mix CD and this shit is crackin. I highly encourage you to visit his website and get caught up on your history lessons. You got just under a month before the big quiz, so come ready to boogie August 8th.

Also next month, GoldSweat.LA family BUL!M!ATRON, is kicking off his Synth City tour with us. He's got dates up and down California, in the dirty south with GoldSweat Atlanta, and with Bananas Baltimore Bomb the Block. Dude's so lined up his myspace page gives me anurisms (in the BEST way). Listen to some tracks on our myspace page or his.

This weekend GoldSweat will be in LA, ATL, SF, and Bmore all at the same time.

Podcasts of each DJ set from Saturday night coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

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