The What What feat Colonal MC and Big Sounds


You kids have no fucking idea. What the fuck is The What What!?!?!?!?! Honestly, GoldSweat doesn't even know...

On the real, Big Sounds (Hardcore Porn / Yahtzee Crew) and the Colonel MC (Compression / Lower Haters) got together with some dream team ideas. The Colonel MC is known through his association with the world famous Compression Drum & Bass crew. This year, Compression hosted, alongside Pioneer and Heavy Hitter Dj SS from Formation Records,The World of Drum & Bass 10 Year Anniversary at Temple SF. I was out of town, but the crater they left under the freeway on Howard Street here in SF didn't get fixed until almost a month later (just kidding, but not really)! The Colonel MC and 2Cents (Compression Crew) put together a mix for SS that is so fucking wicked and you shouldn't really leave your CD out cause peeps be taking that shit! Not exclusive to 175bpms, The Colonel fucks with Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and that new wobble-wobble electro/wtf ever it is shit thats massive right now. Unfortunately Drum & Bass has taken a back seat to house/electro in San Francisco, at least as far as popular music played out in the city. However, GoldSweat has always had a "wifey love" for bassline, so when dubstep and that wobble wobble took off these past 2 years, we knew our ear should be to the streets... Were also waiting for Compression to start with the devestating tremors again. Compression events are Bass Ridden Nights of Madness! Little did we know these guys probly are going to be the reason San Francisco falls into the bay when the big one hits!

Here's where Big Sounds enters: this kid is One half of The Beets, Hardcore Porn and Yahtzee Crew, GoldSweat first hooked up with Big Sounds for the Special Sunday w/B.Rich (Palms Out Sounds) last month. Peep the videos from Love Fest this year and you can see both the Colonel MC and Big Sounds riding the bass like a bike.

This afternoon he sent us a mix full of wobble wobble, bass bass, disco sirens, 3rd world drum beats, and GoldSweat is proud to share with the world. You deffinetly won't want to miss The What What! Saturday night with Sticky K. And if you can't get enough of that bass, follow the Colonel to the monthly BADNB party (happening the same night as Sticky K) over at the Matador.

The What What GoldSweat Mix

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