Colonel Shoutin it OUT

What up GOLDSWEATER? Colonel from the WHAT WHAT steppin up steppin in to talk some shit about the nasty, wobbly brand of bassline badness that's gettin dropped on the regular down at GOLDSWEAT. In case you're just waking up to it, baby, two words: DIRTY BIZNESS. Soooo insanity inducing--last month at the club fools hand one hand on their hip, the other in the air, just strutting around like Mick Jagger on crank or some shit. Insanity I ain't heard since back when DnB was still funky.

Case in point: this motherfucking mix by A1 Bassline, one of the lead pimps out right now (along with Foamo, the Mustard Pimp, and GOLDSWEAT's own STICKY K) is absolutely SLAMMIN. The mix has been out for a minute, but it's so damn funky and freaky--like my cousin would say, a mix this rowdy will stick its dick in your eye. Just too much.

A1 BASSLINE on Rob Da Bank (get the TL over at our friends the Fat Club).

If that's too soulful for you, white boy, peep out the rough ROUGH rolling bassline steeze from Portland newturks DISCO MYSTERIO, below. Recorded live from their set over at HARDCORE PORN (a monthly thrown by my WHAT WHAT partner in crime, DJ BIG SOUNDS), this shit starts silly with the Mustard Pimp's relick of "The Launch" then quickly devolves into some full-on crunchy-ass devil worship shit. Satanically funky fuck beats, or something.

DISCO MYSTERIO live at Hardcorn Porn (that's a Mediafire link, but trust, it's worth the wait)

Tracklist is SIIICK (in particular, that GTRONIC track, IRON MAN, needs to be stopped):
1. dj jean - the launch (mustard pimp edit)
2. alex gopher - handguns (dada life rmx)
3. duck sauce - you're nasty
4. gigi barocco - rowdy jack
5. b. rich - killin it
6. cat house - animal skin (lee mortimer rmx)
7. gtronic - iron man
8. boltan - creepy (mightyfools rmx)
9. lee mortimer & foamo - it's going down
10. jack beats -u.f.o. (k-hole riddim)
11. b. rich - make me dance (disco mysterio's la loca rmx)
12. seductive - underground sound
13. harvard bass - caked
14. renaissance man - aloha (original mix)
15. dj chuckie - let the bass kick (silvio ecomo rmx)
16. barletta - panther (torro torro rmx)
17. freeland - strange things (high rankin rmx)
18. mistabitshi - printer jam (barbarix rmx)
19. borgore - foes (16bit fuck hoes rmx)
20. crissy criss - kick snare
21. jack beats - labyrinth
22. tek-one - broken string

FINALLY, and seriously, did you see the STICKY K live mix last GOLDSWEAT posted below? I don't think you did. Scroll your shit down and PEEP GAME, fuels. Such a dope, eclectic mix--there's a reason why that man's at the top of the game right now. I had my woman La Loca at the show, five month pregnant, and best believe I was working that ass on the dancefloor, just getting dirty with it. Spectacular.

Okay, so I'm out to the Ballaeric islands, Mallorca in particular, and will have to miss this week's edition of the SWEAT, but I'll be back in time to rock Club TEMPLE with the rest of the crew on AUGUST 28th. Until then, throw it up, toss one back and get your motherfucking GOLD SWEAT ON.

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