GoldSweat Live July 11th - The What What feat. Colonal MC and Big Sounds

2nd installment from GoldSweat July 11th Recorded Mixes. After my opening set, Big Sounds and The Colonal MC took it up to 11 from the very first song. A little back story about the mix; Big Sounds had to use about 10 pieces of scotch tape to keep his Akai APC40 power sourced. I'm not sure if he picked it up from UPS on his way down to the club or what, but Big Sounds got to the booth with the whole thing still inside the box! Regardless of the precursor, this mix requires your bass bins to be tested.

Right off the bat you are introduced to the one Colonal MC, gracing the electro grind with his statements of hype and rhymes of distinction. Already a staple for many San Francisco Drum & Bass events around the city, the Colonal MC and Big Sounds decided it was time to spread the love. Not far from their roots, about 3/4 the way through Big Sounds decides its time to bring the pain and mayhem ensues.

Words from the Colonal and Big Sounds coming soon...

You can download the whole mix above or you can listen to all of the streaming audio here.

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