¡Que Augusto!

Loud Loud Loud is probably the only real way to describe August.

In the 8th month's first week, GoldSweat was steppin' hard with Sticky K playing three times this week (Sacramento Wednesday and San Francisco Friday and Saturday), GoldSweat.LA family BUL!M!ATRON and Meliss FX kickin' off their Synth City Tour for our Master monthly, and featured members of Pance Party, Super Best Friends Club, Oakland Faders, and Yahtzee all making apperances in support. Big fat one's to Hacksaw Entertainment and RichDDT for hosting Jack Beats and Sticky K at Paradise Lounge. It was a pretty INCREDIBLE show, with the whole venue packed tight like IV Garb raves in the desert.
Sticky K - "Since I started DJing back in school, the set I played at Paradise Lounge was probably my best yet."

The next night was his Master Monthly @ the Triple Crown. Belly Up, the man behind the 2D pastel porn mayhem that is the GoldSweat image, loosed it up early with a sleeper filled midtempo banger set that netted a few happy hour folks into some couples grinding not seen since high school. What makes his set stand out is deffinetly the live interludes mirroring those Quickies on our website (btw, we got mad hits to the site and ever more on the first series of mixes posted here!) Next, Oakland Fader and Lower Hater, DJ Enki, followed in suit like a lawyer winning cases. Transfering between genre's, tempos, doubles, line, and phono solidified my personal goal to become the president of his fan club. Disco burners buttered up the bread for some true-electro veggies and then my favorite meal of the night, that boogie down baltimore club. Light enough to be full but gawd damn, you're coming back again and ordering the same thing. Sunday afternoon I ran into Enki at Lower Haters, exchanged props and spoke a bit about the night. When I mentioned a tracklist he responded:
DJ Enki - "Aww man (laughs)! You know I gotta keep SOME secrets!"
B-Boy rule #1, don't bite. Speaking of fangs, BUL!M!ATRON and Meliss FX graced the bass with jams too good for jelly. This month I was workin' the door, raising my hands, and singin' my ass off. BUL!M!ATRON has a new remix out, his calender just got east coasted with the beginning of his tour with Meliss FX, and Sunday night he's co-headling with Felix Cartel in LA (he'll also be back at the end of August for a rave at Kelly's Mission Rock and our Gold Standard throw down at Temple, stay tuned!). You can tell they're LA only in the fact that its really not a joke. Myspace your Monday morning with a little entertainment research and you'll find that these two are gonna boogie down some breaks at Bomb the Block in Baltimore (HUGE LINEUP!) and GoldSweat Atlanta with our man Captain Crunk! They got a line drive ahead of them... the length of the state straight to a gig, kinda still hungover, and running late cause Upper Playground is off the hook right now (seriously). I asked Meliss FX about their tour schedule, with SF being the first date and the first of the east coast spots starting Friday night...


Meliss FX - "Well, we're driving down to LA straight to a gig - hopefully we're not late (laughs cause she's the one draggin...). Then we got another gig Monday, Wednesday and we jump on a plane for New York Thursday. I'm really excited!"

We got GoldSweat August recorded and we'll be posting each DJ's set for download in a few weeks!

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