Summer Don't Leave Me

Creative for The Blast: "Summer Don't Leave Me" at 111 Minna on August 28.

We're back on that knew new and I think we clean up well.

Back when GoldSweat was a whole lot of nothing except Belly and Loco jockin' their own steez, we were doing crazy concepts and challenging the normal flier format. We started focusing on visually separating ourselves from typical club propaganda just to be scene, even though we knew nobody was gonna know wtf we were or what we sounded like. This in-exposure made it more and more comfortable to just be dumb with our ideas and see what happened. Many of our longtime supporters actually got at us because of the images instead of through our music. Now you can find all that here and here and here.

Tomorrow night Captain Crunk, MITE, and Black Dominoes rally GoldSweat for round 2 at El Bar in Atlanta, GA. I strongly suggest myfacing these guys, the dirty dirty is about to get filthy. The Crunk is giving out FREE remixes if you get at him quick! I'm not gonna tell you how, but us west coasters might need a webcam and the door locked.

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