LoveSweat GoldFest Weekend!

Here's what the GoldSweat crew will be doing this weekend for LovEvolution, San Francisco's world renowned electronic arts and music festival.

First, GoldSweat will be doing it dumb down at Kelly's Mission Rock. For The Love SF is the premier kick-off event with HELLA DJs and it goes ALL NIGHT! Peep the lineup and prepare your inner raver because this shit is gonna bang. Hosted by Pottymouth Music from Chicago and headlining Green Velvet, Santiago and Bushido, James Amato, Mark Farina, Diz, Hector Morales, Icon, and GoldSweat's very own Sticky K!!! Get your tickers

Our love of bassline stems from Drum&Bass, so you KNOW we'll be raging at the Bay Area Drum & Bass float. Their lineup all day includes the Colonel MC, GoldSweat's very own leader on the mic. I'm pretty sure The What What will be "bass-bin diving" at LovEvolutions biggest (and wildest) float! THE AFTERPARTY RAGES HARDER with Pendulum headlining with MC Verse at Club 6. Fuck them crackheads, get your face blown with BADAB!!!

...this is only the BEGINNING! More party updates coming soon!!!!!!!!!

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