OK OK OK OK! Thursday night turned into the new Saturday and Friday is turning into hell.


First, fresh off her recent SF Station interview (HERE), DJ Kozee and DZ will be throwing down the bass along with Lotus Drops and Zombie-J @ ROE. I don't think I can emphasize how fucking HUGE this is going to be without loosing all bowel control. Seriously, I shit myself every time I hear the CRACK VIP, of which only a handful of people have in the WORLD right now. All flatulence aside, you're gonna have to follow these two (DZ and Kozee) like the Greatful Dead to hear it. GoldSweat has already started packing our hemp shoes and linnen pants! Here's a vid of Crookers dropping the original at Webster Hall...

...uh, can ROE handle the riot? We'll see. Here's all the event info plus links to mixes, myspaces, and mayhem --> CLICK! See your ass there!


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