Festival Of Rock Posters 2009


Mike the 2600 King of Burlesque North America hyped us up on this event so we're following suit. This weekend is the Festival of Rock Posters hosted by The Rock Poster Society.
Mike the 2600 was our featured DJ along with B.Cause (who will be playing at Face Down Ass Up this Thursday), TophOne, and White Girl Lust at GoldSweat's 1 Year Anniversary @ Madrone Art Bar back on August 29th. Besides being one of our favorite DJs and one hell of a graphic designer, the 2600 King runs Burlesque North America. They've produced the exclusive art work for Unruly Records, Bonobo Music Festival, and of course GoldSweat's 1 Year Anni. If you're still in the bay after the last two RAGING weekends, listen to what Burlesque has to say:
"This is a huge gathering of rock poster artists, dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Also in attendance will be Emek, Justin Hampton, Brad Klausen, and legendary San Francisco poster artists Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson!

This coming Saturday, Wezz and Bennie will be manning the F Booth (check for us on the map) with all sorts of rare and classic Burlesque posters on hand! We hope to see all of our Bay Area friends and fam in the place!
Located at the San Francisco County Fair Building aka Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.
Admission is $10. ($5 if you're a member of the Rock Poster Society).

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