We don't ever sleep

Thats not a fucking lie. If you missed LoveFest 2009 in San Francisco, don't worry... GoldSweat's got your back like a wet t-shirt contest! Saturday we're breaking down the doors with our 4th installment at Triple Crown. Super Best Friends Club will invade your personal space so much you'll be sleeping over every weekend. Sticky K, Pance Party, Casemo, and Philthy Rodriguez all go way back like ankle straps, so you know this reunion is gonna be major. The What What is back and both are fresh LoveFest fever having been caught on the D&B and SGJ floats!!! Easily becoming a favorite amongsts family and fans, Big Sounds and The Colonel MC is the only reason we still get mani/pendi's and our hair did errry month! Keeping with our gold standard, entry is FREE before 11pm, $5 after! Facecrook for the full deets!

If you're not anywhere on the west coast, then you can catch GoldSweat in the dirty dirty with Captain Crunk and Black Dominoes @ El Bar. The Captain and Black Dominoes are known to throw down like babies mid-tantrum, so candy coat that ass and don't forget the baby powder. Also, there's a Captain Crunk remix floatin' around this Gold.Blog... don't sleep!

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