GoldSweat goes goes goes...

Goldsweat is based on a commitment to un-apologetically push the newest, most engaging sounds within our reach. We aspire to maintain a Gold-Standard when it come to holding consistent and memorable events, influencing the musical landscape, and breathing new life into dance culture. Two thousand mine has been the sub-header for GoldSweat as we've adopted a slew of brand new producers, DJs, friends, and memorable events on a consistent level, spoiling us from disappointment and encouraging us to continue moving forward.

If you haven't copp'd a GoldSweat t-shirt yet, hurry up! They made their back-sweat debut at GoldSweat October with the Super Best Friends Club takeover and have been gathering pit stains since. Two options to choose from; GoldSweat's official logo on white American Apparel or AMF Blue on asphalt American Apparel. Get'em while they're hott, they won't last much longer!

*Here's Konnect and 1/3 of Pance Party showing some super excitement for the AMF Blue on Asphalt.

In equally exciting news, GoldSweat is proud to present our newest and most exciting venture into future club music: GoldSweat Baltimore. Headlining the debeut event is none other than Udachi (Trouble & Bass / Nightshifters, NYC). He's so amped on playing for GoldSweat (again!!!), he posted it on his website (HERE). Also on the bill is Krames (as in Cobra Krames you dummy!), Jackie O, Kosta, and the one like Illy Emcee. I don't know if you know yet, but we're pretty much blowing our wads one month at a time. Speaking of clean-up towels, GoldSweat goes major 3 times in November!

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