The WhatWhat! - Bashment Mixxx

GoldSweat horn blowers The WhatWhat! just dropped this in our inbox and Jesus Christ Superstar, I don't even remember dropping my panties and shaking my bare ass while ghost-riding my whip on Richmond Parkway until the cops flashed their lights and I ended up in the backseat with only my boots (don't you know I'm Loco?!?). Speaking of crazy, here's a few words from the Colonel MC about their Bashment sound:

"Like nothing you've hurrrd before, The WhatWhat! pristinely mashes up bassline, dubstep, dnb and a bunch of other shit, slaps a psychotic MC on top of it and totally wrecks shop. Bashment style, like they said back in the day. This mix was recorded live in 2 takes and it comes about as close as you can get to catching the party on tape." ~ Truer words have never been spoken.

Included in the mix is original music from THREE GoldSweat artists: Sticky K, The What What, and our newest addition, SLOPPY (yeeee!). The WhatWhat! is DJ Big Sounds and the Colonel MC, two yay-area bassheads who are 5,000% GoldSweat Family (along with dudes like Sticky K, BUL!M!ATRON, and Captain Crunk). They play this Saturday, November 14th, with Sticky K, Breakdown (LA), and GoldSweat creative mastermind Belly Up down at the Triple Crown.