Vessel Gets Dipped

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Vessel brings us back full force to start winter on the bay. Last time Udachi and Breakdown teamed up with Sticky to shake the leaves off that tree. This time, Konnect and PanceParty join the fight and we're looking to do some landscaping, feel me? Two-for-one's ringside. FreeBass. Free w/rsvp (direct link)! DVAS. Join Super Best Friends Club. Sticky K. Konnect. Pance Party. Loco. Fucking Philthy. Scarlet.

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GoldSweat Sessions (Vol.2)
Hosted By: Philthy Rodriguez (SuperBestFriendsClub) & Scarlet (DVAS).
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009. San Francisco, CA USA.


GoldSweat Atlanta w/DJ Ayres
Wednesday, December 9th 2009. Atlanta Georgia, CA USA

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