Soul Slam: Prince Vs. MJ w/ DJ Spinna

Hot damn the Echoplex was bumpin' in Los Angeles this last Friday. Soul Slam 6 took over and brought out the one and only DJ Spinna and Monalisa from Garth Trinidad Sound. The world-renowned DJ/Producer from Brooklyn had a 4 hour mega set going through the respective catalogues of Prince and Michael Jackson; he even dropped hip hop tracks that sampled both of these legendary artists (he's a hip hop dj, how could he not?).

I had a smile on my face the entire time I was there. Everyone in the building had a smile on their face for that matter, except for dudes too busy texting and getting their lurk on in the dance area. I'm proud of LA for showing mad love to Spinna, who naturally returned it like a good DJ should. I always enjoy it when a true DJ spins a set, especially when they can add extra life to tracks that are so well known.The highlight from my night was when Spinna simply rocked doubles of "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough". Every time the song was about to start, he'd loop it back up, making the audience let out an audible 'OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!' He finally dropped the track and, naturally, people lost their shit. Another highlight of the night was one of the hype-men who sounded like Fatman Scoop (was that him? I don't know what he looks like). This night was fresh; I'm definitely ready for the next Soul Slam. Check out the artwork / promo for the San Francisco Soul Slam 2010 the following night at The Mezzanine.

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