Foniks - GoldSweat.LA

The GoldSweat blog is rabid with information about our artists, our artwork, and our parties. So to shake things up a bit, here's some raw footage our our GoldSweat blood-brother in LA, Foniks, on some live MPC action. Belly and Loco went down to LA for the 5Signs Turntablelab In-store performance where Foniks, Abstract Butta Fingers, Alcendor, NSOK, and Accrete blasted Fairfax Ave with that PHF.

GoldSweat is on the come up, but sometimes its cool to chill out. Enjoy! Also, if you're anywhere in the LA area, hit up Foniks! He's unemployed, single, can cook like Bobby Flay, DJ like a mo-fo, and probably show you the best time someone can have living on food stamps and veggies from the neighbors.


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