I dunno about you, fam, but GoldSweat will be reppin' HARD at Ruby Skyy Friday Night. Not only are we big huge giant fans like Egyptian palace slaves of Felix Cartal, but Bird Peterson is a personal favorite that we're straight tape on the front of our glasses excited about. Bird had an exclusive mix included with the Do It To It EP Vol.2, which is directly related to our Mike the 2600 King party at Madrone Art Bar next Saturday, August 29th (see below). I'm sure the speaker cones at this MASSIVE will be vibrating like 17th & Mission. Anyway, Dances With White Girls was recently featured on Turntable Lab's most recent podcast and his beats are pure hot fire! Ruby Skyy didn't really know what they got into when they booked this lineup because walls will melt and the burn ward at Kaiser is gonna be crowded. If you're heatin' up on the dance floor, get at GoldSweat because we'll be offering back rubs with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

ALSO tomorrow night, Grime City comes with the major wood with DZ! When Loco first met Belly, we were outside Grime City (over a year ago!!) and he couldn't talk more about how much he loved this party. So, over a year later, Anu blows up with so much sublow boys'll be holding their chode and girls'll be grinding harder than a cheese grader. Residents SamSupa, Enzyme, 100 Spokes, and Ax!om MC on the mic. Guess Friday's just turned into GoldSweat clubber's commute.

Divisidero @ Fell, SF CA USA

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