5Signs Podcast Vol.1

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5Signs Podcast Vol.1
Recorded live @ The Watermelon Studios

Foniks has been a part of GoldSweat since our inception. Fine arts and studio production are synonymous as cooking and gardening, of which he excels at through necessity amongst habit. I'm not jockin' him or nothin', I'm just saying the TLab Instore showcase this crew pulled together was phenom. Since, all artists have excelled at staying true, real, or not. Nevertheless, word to your moms. This is why there really are only 5Signs. Beats be franklin, bitch. Peep the vid. See ya Saturday.

\\\Words from Foniks:
I'm sending this to all of you since I think you'll enjoy it (assuming you like beats, downtempo, hip hop, electronic, experimental, etc.). It's our first one, so there's a couple kinks, but we'll be tightening the screws on the next one... it's recorded live folks! Pass it along to friends, it's FREE to download and distribute at will. The 5Signs is a 5 man production crew in Los Angeles with individual styles and a form-like-Voltron group mentality when it comes to getting business done.

If you're up in the Bay, you can cop our 12" @ Amoeba SF/Berkeley, Rasputing Berkeley, and Streetlight in San Jose. If you're in LA, you can go to Amoeba in Hollywood, Poo-Bahs in Pasadena, or Origami Vinyl in Echo Park.

If you're in the LA area, Foniks will be performing along side Abstract Butter Fingaz and Alcendor THIS TUESDAY @ Grandstar in Chinatown. 943 N. Broadway, LA, CA.


cj said...

that flyer ia amazing!

kyle kyte said...

thanks for posting goldsweat! we should of had almost one and half more episodes up for podcasting by now, but our engineer got strep-throat. that bastard. but heads up, i can guarantee two new episodes before new years!!!