thousand mine.

Seconds away from the end of the beginning is surreal. This year, some of us got hit hard while others were tremendously fortunate. X means ten and so the new dance is crossing forearms. Sister cities, new friends, solid chumps and moving on.

GoldSweat the 'blogspot' may function sporadically, as something we haven't decided yet, but most of the content we will publish will be in our new apartment downtown. I kinda like the gentlemen/dunce look of this website, so some of us may live vicariously through its 'we absolutely don't give a fuck' persona. Plus, its white. BellyUp dead lifts without a backbrace and I play video games standing up with my mouth closed.

All the links should still be live, so if you're using it as a reference map into our clothes, contact us. We like talking! Otherwise, enjoy everything here and at our penthouse.

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