Seriously now, I can die happy. The return of San Francisco's infamous original big booty bounce fest and dirty rap blame game, Face Down Ass Up WILL turn square nerds into John Holms and give all these hipster chicks a chance to "clap clap clap clap". Blame it all on Chico Sonido (Mexico/LA), Joe Bank$, and B.Cause. If you wake up not with your girlfriend and covered in malt liquor, it was a successful night. Don't get it twisted, just make sure you rub it on her so she knows whats up.

Face Down Ass Up Video Flyer from Sergio Ornelas on Vimeo.

Face Down Ass Up
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Underground SF, Lower Haight
San Francisco, CA USA
"...that's the way we like to..."


Anonymous said...

Why is this video filled with trannies?

Loco said...

ask Serg!